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Hall of Fame

  Russia 413.4 
  Ukraine 78.1 
  Netherlands 74.0 
  Poland 73.8 
  United Kingdom 57.4 

  che 360.4 
  UC 159.2 
  RS 110.3 
  dP 52.1 
  CKC 50.1 

  Korydex 162.5 
  Zwitter 140.7 
  HHC 73.0 
  potato 57.4 
  Incog 57.3 
  dsa 51.1 
  Slayer 44.4 
  RomanL 43.6 
  woZ 42.4 
  Chelsea 41.7 

Welcome to Winter Worm Olympics 2014!

For the newcomers here's a short summary of what this exactly is. The Worm Olympics are basically a large amount of Worms Armageddon tournaments hosted in a short period of time. The tournaments can be hosted at any time, by anybody and with any scheme!

WWO 2014 is taking place between 31st January 2015 and 15th February 2015.


You don't need to "register" to play in WO. Just be there when a tournament starts, sign up, and play. :)

Please read the player's guide and FAQ for more information. After each tournament you play in, please upload your replays.


If you want to host your own tournament as part of WO, please read the hosting guide and rules, after that feel free to register it. :)

New Points System

This year we are using the points system introduced in WO 2013. This is very similar to the old one with one major change: medal multipliers.

You will still get 1 points for every won game, but the number of points for each medal will depend on the number of players in its tournament:

Medal 1vs1 2vs2 3vs3  
Gold 10 6 4 x multiplier
Silver 6 4 2 x multiplier
Bronze 3 2 1 x multiplier
Players Multiplier   Players Multiplier
≥ 64 -2 2.0   ≥ 24 -2 1.0
≥ 48 -2 1.6   ≥ 16 -2 0.7
≥ 32 -2 1.3   ≥ 8 0.4

This means that in a tournament with 24 players you will get the same amount of points as before, but if there are more than 64 players you will get twice as much for the medals. It also means that the bottom limit for getting points for a medal will be 8 players instead of 14-16. As this is experimental, the multipliers are subject to change.

WormKit modules

You are not allowed to use any WormKit module that gives you any kind of gameplay advantage (finding crates, etc), unless the tournament's description specifically tells you to use one (e.g. Rubber schemes).

WormNET down?

If for some reason WormNET goes down while you are hosting/playing in a tournament, try using an alternative server.

Previous Olympics

Looking for a previous website? Check here!
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